Final Drafts Accepted for Publication Accepted for Publication in 2017:

  • Chapter Title: A New Understanding of our Confusion: Insights from a year-long STEM fellowship program
    Book Title: Handbook of Research on Teacher Education and Professional Development

    How one frames a complex issue or problem has a significant influence on how they seek to understand or resolve it. Framing helps people interpret the world around them and helps them communicate these interpretations and understandings to others. It helps individuals to organize complex phenomena in somewhat coherent, understandable categories, helping persons to separate relevant aspects of a given phenomenon from irrelevant. Framing helps provide meaning. The importance of framing becomes even more significant when looking at teacher education and teacher professional development. One approach to teacher professional development (PD) (which can be called the hedgehog approach) emphasizes the value of clarity and order; seeking to organize activities and plans. 

  • Chapter Title: Hip-Hop Music as a pedagogical tool: Teaching with hip-hop in global contexts
    Book Title: Culture, Learning and Technology: Research and Practice

    The literature tells us that youth, particularly those who live in urban settings, are becoming engaged as active global citizens primarily through out of school practices. One major source, which has been a steadfast source for decades, is pop-culture. This chapter examines how hip-hop—a global form of pop-culture—is at the nexus of culture, learning and technology. Hip-hop is a new literacy practice that represents a convergence of culture and identity through artistic expression. The chapter presents a case study of the design and delivery of a global hip-hop music course for secondary students.