I am interested in serving as the Learning Design, Development and Innovation Coordinator because my career experiences reflect an appreciation of the vision of the eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education which includes “developing bold airpower leaders who think, communicate and collaborate in the joint environment to strengthen national security”. My objective as an educator is to guide faculty in helping students develop their mastery of content knowledge as well as facilitate opportunities to connect theoretical scholarship and thought with sound practical applications through interdisciplinary experiences on the local and global scale. As such, my philosophy of teaching hinges supporting student-centered learning through activities that encourage student collaboration, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, educational entrepreneurship, mentoring and a life-long zeal for the process of learning and improving human performance. I seek to promote, as well as train others to foster strong learning communities within each class by encouraging critical engagement with ideas, beliefs, and pedagogies in the local, national and global contexts. My experiences in the classroom as well as in faculty development have helped inform my research in the area of the scholarship of teaching and learning. 


Examples of course redesigns:


Developed for the School of Nursing at Purdue University West Lafayette. The objectives were to:

  • Utilize multimedia technologies to create pre-class activities that prepare students for situated learning during class time; 

  • Develop a lesson plan using multimedia technology that promotes student readiness for the flipped classroom experience;

  • Evaluate effectiveness of multi media delivery methods through formative and summative evaluation method; and

  • Provide faculty with information on how to transform their courses to allow for flipped classroom practices while maintaining requirements for (American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC) Accreditation.


MSU Urban STEM: Abbreviated example of face-to-face discussion that examines how teachers in STEM help students overcome misconceptions.

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