Last week I was honored to present at my second SITE conference. This year it was in Savannah, Georgia. SITE is always a wonderful opportunity to share work and to connect with colleagues. I was involved in a symposium with the amazing MSU Urban STEM team.  Our symposium was titled: Reinventing TPACK, STEM Teaching and Leadership in an Urban Context

This symposium discusses the pedagogical make up and impact of the MSU-Wipro UrbanSTEM & Leadership Fellowship program on teacher practices, efficacy, and competence. We will describe our instructional approach, which uses the educative experience (Dewey, 1938) involving real world, hands-on engagement with technological devices, pedagogies, and teachers’ relationships to STEM content. Our fellowship program is driven by TPACK (Technology Pedagogical Content Knowledge) (Mishra & Koehler, 2006) framework. We will discuss curriculum and practices highlighting several teachers from program. Specifically, we will focus on their teaching experiences showcasing how they creatively integrate technology into their pedagogical practices, with an emphasis on creativity and aesthetics. Among the presenters in this symposium are the leaders of the project, members of the instructional and research teams from the university, and participants from Chicago Public schools.

I have included my section below:

It was also great to catchup with several MSU College of Education alumni

AACE SITE 2016 - Savannah, GA